PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT:  Covers the following Units;

PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL (PPC) – PPC is Production Planning and Control. They deal with processing of various inputs in various Production departments & processes. They keep track of jobs in process & give updates of the same to various concerns.

PREMASTERING – Premastering is the unit where various formats of customer inputs, like MiniDV, DV Tape, DVD or CD are checked & transferred/copied to CD-R Or DVD-R for stamper making. Should there be any issue with the input quality, the customer or the copyright owner is alerted automatically to contact our customer care to say how he/she would like to receive the preview copy. Some customers do request for preview copies to be sent to them for production. Such jobs are put on hold and will only be sent for Stamper making (glass mastering) with the preview approval from the concerned customers in writing.

GRAPHICS – Graphics is a unit where various formats of customer inputs for label printing like JPEG, PDF, Coral draw, Hard copy pictures, Jackets are used in designing label/artwork to be printed on CD or DVD. Poor jacket design will result into poor printing quality hence the job may suffer patronage in the market. It is therefore suggested that customer send to us the soft copy of their artwork from their jacket printers. Once the design is ready, it is later separated in CYMK negatives and used for waterless Offset Printing.

MASTERING – Mastering department manufactures the glass master called Stamper. A Stamper is a machine production input (glass master) that contains the audio and video signals of the input. A stamper that is being used for Replication is very sensitive, fragile & a major important component of the production process responsible for the quality of image and sound. It can cause skipping, freezing or failure in playing of a disc if the quality is poor.

REPLICATION – This is the unit that is in charge of replication of optical discs. Replication is the process of making replicas (original copies) of CD’s/DVD’s by making use of a Stamper (glass master). Replication is the main Production process that enables us to produce CD or DVD.

QUALITY CONTROL – This department is responsible to carry out check on all the titles produced, they check the playability of CD’s & DVD’s on various types of players, while they also closely monitor online Offset Printing.

STORE – Store is a department where various raw material & consumables required for the Production of CD & DVD are stocked & controlled through inventory.

PRINTING – Printing is a process of using machines to mass print on the CDs or DVDs. Latest Offset Printing technology that gives real-life image quality is being used to ensure that the aesthetical looks of a CD or DVD are Excellent.

PACKAGING – Packaging is the process of counting and packing the CDs or DVDs and using of shrink wrapper to seal the CDs and DVD before they are arranged in cartons. Each bundle contains 100 CDs or DVDs, while each carton contains 1000 CDs or DVDs. Date & batch numbers are also noted on the carton to escalate errors or complaints. Resolution of complaint is easier by quoting the details of this batch number.


• Business Development: This is the unit that is responsible for the creation, development and retention of customers. It is the engine room of the organization that generates income for the company from the services rendered to the customers.

• Logistics: This department is saddled with the responsibility of processing the inputs and documents submitted by customers at the point of booking of their orders. It ensures that documents submitted are compliant. It serves as a middle unit between the customers and production unit from point of booking orders to the delivery point.

• Finance: This is the financial backbone of the company which renders financial support to other departments through funding of activities (both production and administrative). It is responsible for the financial information of the company and its’ interpretation for management’s consumption.

• Information Technology: IT is responsible for managing the multi-user computing environment of the organization. It caters for the installation and configuration of software and hardware system.

• Finished Goods: The unit is saddled with the responsibility of safe-keeping of production output and its eventual delivery to the customers.

HUMAN RESOURCE UNIT – The Human Resource Unit is charged with recruiting and training staff members, as well as administering employee benefit programs.  It provides the overall policy direction on Human Resource Management.


Administrative department anchors support and services for the activities of the company. It is responsible for effective and efficient assets and vendors management of the company.

INTERNAL CONTROL/AUDIT UNIT – The Internal Control/Audit Department is responsible for the performance, design, management and coordination of the TDTL’s internal control system. The Internal Audit is responsible for examination of the adequacy and effectiveness of TDTL internal controls and makes recommendations where control improvements are needed.