anti piracy policy

Anti-piracy Policy

Transerve Disc Technologies Limited is a registered plant of Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) Federation of intellectual Property Organisations (FIPO),  and is in the forefront of the fight against piracy. Zero Tolerance for piracy is one of our Corporate Governance policies.

Intellectual property theft is an armed virus that must be fought to a standstill by everybody that loves this industry. In our quest to eradicate this scourge of piracy, we registered two Label Owners Association, namely: Music label owners and Recording Industries Association of Nigeria (MORAN) and Nigerian Association of recording Industries (NARI).

For us in Transerve Disc Technologies Limited, there is no difference between an armed robber and a pirate. Intellectual property theft is actually worst than bank robbery, because of its capacity to deny not only the present generation of both income and creativity but also future generations of creative community of the exploitation of their God given talents and skills.